Optical Illusions and Puzzles

Stare at picture then
close  your eyes.

How many full cubes do you see here?

Are these lines straight or bent?

Watch the image and black dots will magically appear.

How many legs does this elephant have?
Are these lines straight or crooked?

Is the circle below perfectly round?

Is the shape below a perfect square?

Color Conflict

Blind Spot

Eye Test

Impossible Triangle

Which line is longer, AB or BC? Measure them. Are they the same length?

Look at the red lines, do they appear to be wavy?
Stare at the image below and slowly move your head toward and away from the screen.

Scroll this page up and down and watch the center square magically move.

Stare at the image on the bottom and move your head forward while concentrating on the center dot.

Look closely at tile A and B. They seem to be different shades of gray. They are actually the same exact shade. (Don't believe it? Try opening up the image in Paint or another image editor and put the 2 tiles side by side)

Look at the top half of the image...Then look at the same image upside down on the bottom half.
Watch the images below. Do they appear to be spinning?

How many prongs does this fork have?

Hole - Explained

This will make you think.

Which vertical line is longer?

Vision vs Speech

Simple Shape Puzzle


A set of circles or a spiral?


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