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 1982 - Ampex 16KB core memory

Magnification #1

Magnification #2

Deforest Audion

Loebe Julie: Unsung hero
op amp

FX227 Thyratron

CX1585 Thyratron

Type52 Freq Std
TI494 Transistor
write-only memory n.

The obvious antonym to `read-only memory'. Out of frustration with the long and seemingly useless chain of approvals required of component specifications, during which no actual checking seemed to occur, an engineer at Signetics once created a specification for a write-only memory and included it with a bunch of other specifications to be approved. This inclusion came to the attention of Signetics management only when regular customers started calling and asking for pricing information. Signetics published a corrected edition of the data book and requested the return of the `erroneous' ones. Later, in 1972, Signetics bought a double-page spread in "Electronics" magazine's April issue and used the spec as an April Fools' Day joke. Instead of the more conventional characteristic curves, the 25120 "fully encoded, 9046 x N, Random Access, write-only-memory" data sheet included diagrams of "bit capacity vs. Temp.", "Iff vs. Vff", "Number of pins remaining vs. number of socket insertions", and "AQL vs. selling price". The 25120 required a 6.3 VAC VFF supply, a +10V VCC, and VDD of 0V, 2%.

TI3500 Calculator
Neon Plasma Display

PRI Scintillator

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Vacuum Tube Calculator

Cracking the IPhone

The Original PIC

404 Pages
Systron Donner 6150 Counter/Timer

HP5245L Counter
Nixie Counters
Anadex CP-101-6R
Preset Counter

Burroughs B-5092 tubes
ca. 1965, $15 (working)
Interesting Patents

Hedy Lamarr-Markey
Frequency Hopping
(Basis of CDMA)

Larry Bradley decided to submit this after I explained it to him...
He has absolutely no ethics!

Active Rebate Denial

Broadcom v Qualcomm
Battery Saving was the point


Burroughs SelfScan
gas plasma display

Dog Entertainment!

Backward Wave Oscillator

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