Auto Repair
TBird Odometer
Odometer broke when the trip reset was pressed when the tooth broke off the reduction gear.  The new unit broke trying to flip 99 to 100 because The main ODO shaft was bent.  What a piece of crap!   
TBird Bumper Peel
Yes, they left a note!
TBird EGR Clogging
2007 Smog Test Failure Repairs:  The check engine light came on and the ODB-II reader reported codes P1407 and P0174 (System too lean, Bank 2).  Additionally, the engine would stall out at a stop light after rough idling.  The Engine code was fixed a couple of years earlier for just the P0174 code by replacing the mass airflow sensor (MAF) but that did not help this time.  Thanks to the internet and two articles (TomCo: TSB 96-23-4 / Scott Shotton: Ford EGR), I had a new thing to fix.  In the course of tearing the intake apart to get to the EGR grooves I also found a T-Coupler with a hole and a loose PCV valve grommet.  (Another odd behavior noticed during the tear down was oil in the throttle assembly as well as around a couple of the spark plugs, presumably because of the vacuum leak).  Just as described in the PDF files, the EGR grooves were REALLY clogged with carbon and once cleaned, the engine now performs like new and in addition to the repairs to the vacuum system passed the smog test with good margin.


Machine Repair
GE Oven Hinges
The primary reason for the lower oven door failing to close was damage to the hinges which loosened the pull in springs.
Hinge assembly (2x)

Right hinge damage

Left hinge damage

After straightening
To flatten the hinge sides to accept the new side bracing, the pivot pins had to be flattened out.  They were welded in place.
Pivot pin

Pin grind off

Pin weld

Weld grind
3/32" x 1/2" x 5" steel plates were welded to the hinge U-Channels to prevent excessive door loading from re-bending them:  The slot that was cut out of the U-channels to let the door mount bars  pass through weakened them.
Brace top weld

Brace side weld
To complete the repair, two neodymium magnets were put on the oven frame to pull the doors snugly up against the heat seal, compensating for future wear.

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