Symbol As Atomic radius: pm 125 Fusion: kJ/Mole 24.44
Name Arsenic Ionic radius: pm (+3)58 Boiling point: C 603sp
Atomic number 33 Electron affinity 0.81 Melting point: C 817tp
Atomic weight 74.92 1st  ion potential 9.81 Specific Heat Cap: J/(g K) 0.33
Classification Metalloid Natural form Solid Thermal Cond: W/(cm K) 0.50
Configuration [Ar]3d104s2p3 Crystal structure Rhom Electrical Cond 0.0345
Oxidation states +/-3,5 Density 5.72 Abundance: mg/kg-crust 1.8
Electronegativity 2.18 Vaporization: kJ/Mole 31.9    
Compounds of arsenic were known as early as the 4th century B.C., but it was not identified as an element until 1649. Uses - photocells (combined with gallium), poisons, bronzing