Symbol C Atomic radius: pm 77 Fusion: kJ/Mole 117
Name Carbon Ionic radius: pm (+4)16 Boiling point: C 3825sp
Atomic number 6 Electron affinity 1.26 Melting point: C 4492tp
Atomic weight 12.01 1st  ion potential 11.26 Specific Heat Cap: J/(g K) 0.71
Classification Non-metal Natural form Solid Thermal Cond: W/(cm K) 1.96
Configuration 1s22s2p2 Crystal structure Hex Electrical Cond 0.00061
Oxidation states 4,2 Density 2.26 Abundance: mg/kg-crust 200
Electronegativity 2.55 Vaporization: kJ/Mole 711.0    
The discoverer of carbon is unknown because it has been known of since prehistoric times.    Uses - steel, filters, fuel (coal), lubricants, C-14 isotope used in archaeological dating, numerous uses in compounds in the chemical industry