Symbol Re Atomic radius: pm 137 Fusion: kJ/Mole 60.43
Name Rhenium Ionic radius: pm (+7)53 Boiling point: C 5596
Atomic number 75 Electron affinity 0.15 Melting point: C 3186
Atomic weight 186.2 1st  ion potential 7.88 Specific Heat Cap: J/(g K) 0.14
Classification Trans metal Natural form Solid Thermal Cond: W/(cm K) 0.48
Configuration [Xe]4f145d56s2 Crystal structure Hex Electrical Cond 0.0542
Oxidation states 7,6,4,2,-1 Density 20.8 Abundance: mg/kg-crust <0.001
Electronegativity 1.9 Vaporization: kJ/Mole 707.1    
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev predicted the existence of Rhenium in 1869.  It was discovered in 1925 by the German chemists Ida and Walter Noddack and Otto Carl Berg. Uses - catalysts, thermocouples, filaments for mass spectrographs, wire in flash lamps for photography