Symbol Rf Atomic radius: pm - Fusion: kJ/Mole -
Name Rutherfordium Ionic radius: pm - Boiling point: C -
Atomic number 104 Electron affinity - Melting point: C -
Atomic weight 261.0 1st  ion potential - Specific Heat Cap: J/(g K) -
Classification Trans metal Natural form - Thermal Cond: W/(cm K) -
Configuration [Rn]5f146d27s2 Crystal structure - Electrical Cond -
Oxidation states Synthetic Density - Abundance: mg/kg-crust Synthetic
Electronegativity - Vaporization: kJ/Mole -    
Rutherfordium was discovered in 1964 by workers at the Nuclear Institute at Dubna in the USSR and at the University of California at Berkeley.  The element was obtained through high energy collisions of californium-249 and carbon-12. Uses - no known uses