Aluminum Temper and Alloys

Temper Description
F As fabricated, temper:  For shaping process only.
O Annealed, recrystalized:  Softest temper for wrought.
H1 Strain hardened only.
H2 Strain hardened and then partially annealed.
H3 Strain hardened and then stabilized.
W Solution heat treated.
T2 Annealed, cast only:  improved ductility and stability.
T3 Solution heat treated and then cold worked:  Improved strength.
T4 Solution heat treated and then naturally aged to a substantially stable condition.  Not cold worked.
T5 Artificially aged only.  Rapid cool process like casting.
T6 Solution heat treated and then artificially aged.  Not cold worked after heat treated:  Common class.
T7 Solution heat treated and then stabilized: Good growth control and residual stress.
T8 Solution heat treated, cold worked, and artificially aged.  Cold worked to improve strength.
T9 Solution heat treated, artificially aged, and cold worked to improve strength.
T10 Artificially aged and then cold worked.  Rapid cooling after heat treatment then cold worked for strength.
TX51 Stress relieved by stretching.
TX52 Stress relieved by compressing.
TX53 Stress relieved by thermal treatment.
T42 Wrought only, properties of T4.
T62 Wrought only, properties of T6.