Data logging using an HP34401A meter and a multiplexer
TES1333 schematic
TES1333 gerber data
Serial cable
Firmware source code
Firmware hex file
Data logger prototype operation

Using the "Questionable mask register set" command of the HP34401A, I am able to sneak 10 bits of command data into the aluminum box shown daisy chained into the meters RS232 port.  With this data I control a 1-of-8 multiplexer and 8 bit digital output.  The prototype used a mechanical break-before-make DPDT relay connection but the final unit uses solid state relays (400VDC/AC) that get the break-before-make function from software.  My fluke hydra data logger was on loan and I needed to automate some testing which is why I built this setup; as it turns out this gives better resolution than the hydra and is now the setup I use to auto-test all my power supplies.

Controlled by a VB GUI, I am reading input and output power to measure efficiency as well as setting the output load bank, testing the bias generator and the enable function.  The power supply in the picture is a prototype of the TES1329 16W nixie power supply which eventually evolved into the TES1364 4W nixie power supply. 

The serial cable connects the PC to the Mux and meter; note that the meter needs a "Null modem" connection as indicated by the wire swaps.  The Mux drives only TXD but through a 1K resistor so that when connected to the PC alone it may communicate but does not contend when the meter is connected.  During normal operation the Mux operates as a mute slave.

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