ADC Scaler Quickly convert raw ADC readings to easily codable integers, utility in calculators.
Compounded interest Formulas to calculate payments for various types of loans with background information.
Conversion Calculator Pretty good conversion calculator
Inductance (JPG) Calculation for Inductance < > Turns for a well coulpled flux
Luhn Algorithm Generator/Checker code for Luhn check digits.  This is how the MEID check digits are computed
Microchip Example (Code)
Proportional-Integral-Derivative control theory introduction and
Microchip example for controlling an inverted pendulum
Prefixes Multiples and submultiples of units (Prefixes)
Public Key Encryption Public key encryption:  I encode with MyKey+YourKey, you decode with YourKey.
Simple Digester
This algorithm converts a document from 0 to (264-1) bytes to a 160 byte digest. 
The simple digester is the stand alone VB applet.  See also Calculators in Utilities.
Slavasoft makes a nice hashing program for many algorithms.
SPC 1, SPC 2 Northern Analytical articles on SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Standard Deviation Computational method for Standard Deviation
Description of the "Small encryption algorithm" bi-directional cypher  for embedded systems
Code and test vectors for XTEA bi-directional cypher.  See also Calculators in Utilities
TEA crack Cryptanalysis of the TEA algorithm
Trig: Circular functions Chapter on the six fundamental circular functions
Trig: Formula card Lots of info on trigonometry relationships; triangle and unit circle, most of these are now here.
Trig Notes My own formula notes from Math-104 = Analytic trigonometry.
Trig: Unit circle Randians, degrees and (x,y) coordinates of special angles in unit circle, also found here.
Unit Conversion Convert from between measurement systems (Integrated into Calculators, V1.026+)

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