Byte Craft COP8C Tutorial

Table of Contents
I. Using the Compiler
1. Simple Example
2. I/O Ports
3. Application Startup and Initialization Code
The compiler and initialization
The __STARTUP() function
The startup library
4. Programming with the COP8 Interrupts
Writing interrupt subroutines
Saving compiler temporary variables
5. Declaring Variables
Variables and memory usage
Finding variable information
Specifying where a variable is allocated
Local variables
6. Mixing Assembly with C
Integrating C and assembly
Assembly within C
Creating a function in assembly
Calling C from assembly
C variables and assembly
II. Byte Craft Sample Applications
7. Flash COP8 Sample Application
III. Byte Craft COP8C Frequently-asked Questions
8. Frequently-asked Questions
IV. Byte Craft Embedded C Library Reference
isalnum tests for alphabetic or numeric characters
isalpha tests for alphabetic characters
isascii tests for ASCII characters
iscntrl tests for control characters
isdigit tests for digit characters
islower tests for lower-case characters
isupper tests for upper-case characters
isxdigit tests for hexadecimal digits
toascii converts a character to ASCII
tolower converts an upper-case character to lower-case
toupper converts a lower-case character to upper-case
II. LCD Library
LCD Library Configuration definitions for the LCD routines
lcd_putch writes to the LCD panel
lcd_getch reads from the LCD panel
lcd_gotoXY moves the insertion point
lcd_init initialize the LCD display
lcd_send_control sends a control character to the LCD display
busy_check waits until the LCD is available
III. PORT Library
DDR set a I/O port's data direction register
gets stores input characters to a buffer
puts outputs characters from a buffer
V. Standard Library
abs returns the absolute value
ahtoi16 converts hexadecimal string to integer
ahtoi8 converts hexadecimal string to integer
atoi16 converts string to integer
atoi8 converts string to integer
labs returns the absolute value
i16toa converts integer to string
i8toa converts integer to string
ui16toa converts integer to string
ui8toa converts integer to string
pow raise base to exponent
qsort sorts elements in an array
srand set the random number generation seed
randomize set the random number generation seed
rand generate a pseudorandom integer
VI. String Library
memchr searches for a character in memory
memcpy copies memory contents
sizeof Calculate the size of a variable
size_t type returned by the size_of function
memcmp compares two arrays
strcat copies one null-terminated string to another
strchr searches a null-terminated string
strcmp compares two null-terminated strings
strcpy copies a null-terminated string
strlen returns the length of a string
strset fills a string with a character
strupr converts a string to upper case
strlwr converts a string to lower case