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4.055 UPGRADE+ / INSTALL+ Almost nearly super perfect!
3.249 INSTALL - Last build of Version 3. PIC16 wizard broken but the rest works OK
3.243 INSTALL + Wizard works for PIC16 and PIC18, generally a good all around build
XP home 2002 SP2
Category Reference Version Date Description
Flyover Eval --- 4.055 2007/09/11 On my XP laptop, the cursor has to be to the right of the variable being evaluated, sometimes several characters away!
User Tool Bar Error / Error 4.020 2006/10/13 Access violation when editing the user tool bar.
XP home 2002 SP2
Category Reference Version Date Description
Wizard Error vs Ver 4.045
2008/02/15 The PIC project wizard in version 4.068 didn't have entries in the device dropdown for the PIC12F508 part I wanted use so I had to build the project manually.  It turns out that it didn't have the (10F parts either).  I had to go all the way back to 4.045 after much uninstalling to get a version that worked right.  4.068 compiles that part fine, it just didn't wizard it at all!  (Shows how often I do small pin count PIC stuff!)

Bugs Fixed
[Fixed Version]

Category Reference Version Date Description
Compiler   4.020
2006/09/20 If the program options are set to display the compile progress dialog when errors are encountered and the main form is clicked during the compile, the dialog goes to the background and the program appears to lock up because it's waiting for you to close the dialog.  The dialog should be set to always on top.
User Tool Bar   4.020
2006/10/05 If included in the user toolbar, the "Enable debugger" button (And others) disappears after the program is closed then reopened.
Editor   4.020
2006/11/20 Cut-n-Paste.  When dragging a selected block of text the mouse cursor should change from a text insert icon to an arrow so we know what's coming next!
Editor   4.020
2006/09/20 When set to show numbers in a different color, the editor does not recognize the format 0b010101 etc.
GUI   4.011
2006/09/27 Undocking then docking the editor windows hides them from then on when docked.  Closing and then reopening the compiler unhides the editor windows
Editor   4.011
2006/09/29 Cut-n-Paste.  Mouse drag to highlight with paste copies one more character than expected on the fromt of the block.
Editor 4.011
2006/10/01 Block comments alternate display color (When set to show comments in alternate color) depending on how much is shown in current editor window.  Also shows normal code in comment color.
PIC Wizard   4.011
2006/09/29 The baud clock using the hardware RS232 does not get put into the "#use rs232" statement properly but instead always defaults to 9600 baud. (PIC18F252, baud selected was 115.2k)  The stream name is not used either.
GUI   4.011
2006/09/27 Just after updating to a new version of the compiler, the "Output" window does not show up at the bottom of the screen after a compile.  Closing and then reopening the compiler once fixes it till the next program update.
Editor Kerning 4.011
2006/09/29 The kerning of the characters is slightly off making some combinations of characters clip.
Install Error 4.012
2006/10/13 New version does not recognize the license files.  Get new registration files from CCS to fix this.
Editor   4.010
2006/09/20 Mouse right click and drag to highlight a selection is unusable
Printf() Code/Result <4.008
2006/05/01 Formatting for INT16 hex variables does not follow programmed format.
Debug   4.009
2006/09/13 No selection for serial debug, only USB.  Even ICD says "COM1" in the dialog but then complains that the USB debugger can't be found. Can't even begin to debug!
See notes section for similar info!
GUI Image 4.008
2006/09/06 Processor name hashed in debug config window.  Although this does not "Apparently" affect the operation of the compiler, it indicates not all is well inside.
Debug   4.008
2006/09/06 Breakpoint, once set, can't be removed with ([right click],[remove breakpoint]).  Breakpoint may only be removed via the debug window breaks +/- buttons.
Debug Snapshot Logfile 4.008
2006/09/06 Ram not read on PIC18F6527, all locations show blank and RAM map does not match part.  The snapshot provides a clue as it reports an access violation and no RAM.  This also affects the watches as RAM is involved.
User tool bar   4.008
2006/09/06 User toolbar gets cleared at program exit.  Saving the desktop does not help and a fresh install does not help

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