Tango PCB/SCH Notes

Tango PCB and SCH is a DOS based program from Accel Technologies that was last supported in 1989 (When it was turned into a crappy native Windows program).  My newest laptop finally made it too hard to get things like memory allocation and video drivers to work properly (Windows XP). I gave up and selected what I hope will be my PCB CADD program for the next 15 years:  Labcenter Proteus.  So far, so good!  I will no longer be adding to the libraries but will instead be replicating the symbols I used to use in Tango in Proteus.
Tango ASCII Breakdown of Tango PCB ASCII data files
Tango Suite Tango PCB and Schematic (DOS).  See Readme.txt in the Zip

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 This page last updated on May 04, 2009