Reference Tables and Graphs

Animal Collective Nouns Not very technical, but interesting none-the-less! Link
Anth103 poster format
My first college poster for Anth-103, it got an "A". EasyBib is great for the bibliography.
(Printed at Santora Media on 3'x4' paper then glued onto Elmers 3-fold foam board)
APC Drill AP Circuits Proto 1 drill sizes (Free drills are red)
ASCII Chart 7 Bit ASCII chart in both HEX and Decimal
Board Fab Capability comparison between AP Circuits and Proto-Express
Bolts Detailed information on hardware, including English/Metric tables, Interesting Metric data
Bus Bars Table for selection of copper bus bars
Coin Facts US Mint table of coin facts, including alloy composition
Conductors Current capacity vs Width for PWB conductors
Conversion Formulas etc A reference book from Plastic Capacitors Inc, ca 1974
Drill Table English inch drill table
Ignition Temperatures Ignition temperatures for some common materials
LDO Dropout Comparison of dropout voltage vs current for LDOs with MOS and Bipolar pass elements
Light Spectrum Wavelength vs Color from Infrared to Ultraviolet
Logic Pinouts Pinout pictures of common 7400/4000 series logic devices, typically DIP parts
LM431 Stability Curves The LM431 (TL431) shunt regulators are stable only for specific amounts of load capacitance
Packages Common semiconductor packages
Prefixes Order of magnitude prefixes, Mega/Micro etc
R/C Channels Radio channels for surface and air remote control vehicles
Resistors-1% Standard 1% Resistor values
Resistors-5% Standard 5% Resistor values
Spectrum US frequency spectrum allocation from 3khz to 300ghz
Steel Temperature Temperature vs Color for steel
Tap and Drill Table English Tap and Drill information, Table1, Table2
Thermocouple Reference tables and application for common thermocouple types, my personal favorite
Thermocouple Reference data and technical data
Thermocouple Linear Tech application note
Timeline What would WORLD history look like compressed to 100 years?
Wire Table English wire data, updated with computed values up to AWG 60.

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