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Mini ICDS-20 (4.5-5.5V / 20MHz) for CCS PICC $39.95

Mini ICDS-3V (2.0-5.5V / 3.6864MHz) for CCS PICC $39.95
      CCS has built it's PICC-C compiler IDE around this versatile tool with improvements to both speed and versatility.  The TES Mini-ICD is 100% compatible with that now produced by CCS while improving on the electrical design of the original unit built by Microchip by Advanced Transdata.  It comes in two "Flavors", the ICDS-20 which operates at 20MHz and 4.5 to 5.0vdc and the ICDS-3V which operates down to 2.5vdc supply.  Both units work with the 16F/18F targets for emulation and the entire PIC family for in circuit programming via the ICDS control utility: ICDS.EXE.  This is the unit TES uses for all it's internal developement.
  • 2.000" Long x 1.250" Wide x 0.650" High
    (Not counting DSUB-9 connector protrusion).
  • Serial interface tested for operation from 2.50 to 5.50 VDC.
  • Vpp boost converter tested for operation from 2.50 to 5.50 VDC.
  • 500khz boost converter gives improved efficiency and ROCK-SOLID Vpp with minimal loading on target supply.
  • Improved voltage reference for more accurate Vdd/Vpp voltage readings over the input voltage range (No more "MCLR voltage incorrect" errors)
  • Improved MCLR switching circuitry eliminates resets beyond 0x0001 address (Caused by slow rise at low Vdd levels).
  • Built with surface mount components throughout to minimize the size of the module.
  • RJ25 interface connector.
Included in Package
  • Mini-ICD Module.
  • RJ25 to RJ25 six conductor programming interface cable, wired 1:6.
  • One year repair or replacement from date of purchase for materials and workmanship.  This specifically does not include ICDs which have had the flash memory destroyed through excessive firmware upgrading as in note 2 from the versions table!
  • If the unit should become unresponsive due to the CCS boot loader being corrupted (As sometimes happens when the ICD power is not stable), TES will reflash your unit at no charge or you may do it yourself using a second unit.  Contact TES for do-it-yourself instructions.

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This page last updated on September 03, 2011