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Fast PIC code and hardware development board
Each QuickPIC-3 includes a prototyping starter kit consisting
of 4 x 1402 grid boards and 16 x  PPC101LFBN-RC
(or equivalent) connectors.

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QuickPIC-3 PIC16LF876A / 10MHz

QuickPIC-3 PIC18LF252 / 10MHz

QuickPIC-3 PIC18LF2520 / 10MHz

QuickPIC-3 Without PIC or Crystal
AC Adapter
9VDC @ 500mA with 2.5 x 5.5mm Plug

9V / 500mA AC Adapter
Prototyping Grid Boards
14 x 19 array (266 pads) on a 0.100" grid,
0.080" dia pads with 0.042" plated through holes.
Board material is FR4 and plating is lead free HASL.
Compare to Twin-Industries 8000-45 (1656 pads)

10 x 1402 proto boards (2660 pads)
Socket Strips
Sullins 10 pin socket strips to connect
prototype circuits onto the QuickPIC-3

40 x S7043-ND strip sockets
  • Your choice of PIC installed with 10MHz crystal (Optional PIC16LF876A, PIC18LF252 or PIC18LF2520).
  • 2.500 to 5.500vdc adjustable regulator, 1A with input reverse polarity protection.
  • RJ25 ICD interface connector with reset components provided: /MCLR pulled to Vdd with 10K.
  • RS232 translator operates from 2.50 to 5.50 VDC, TXD/RXD/RTS/CTS signals wired to DB9-F.
  • GPIOs, Lamp inputs, Power and Ground pined out to 0.1 pitch headers.
  • Plug your circuit under development into the headers using standard connectors to 0.1 inch proto board (See links below).  When you're done, unplug it and it's ready for your next project.
  • Headers and mounting holes on 0.1 x 0.1 inch grid.
  • Headers labeled by port and function.
  • 10 segment LED:  Power, Reset and 8 general purpose active high lamps with 330 ohm limiting resistors.
  • 2.750 x 2.000 inches (Not counting DSUB-9 connector protrusion) with 0.625 inch stand-offs on corners.
Suggested Optional AC to DC Adapter
  • 9V / 500mA (Unregulated) AC adapter
  • Any adapter with an output of from 9vdc (Full load) to 18vdc (Open circuit) with a standard 2.5mm ID / 5.5mm OD, center positive barrel connector may be connected to the QuickPIC.  Loaded current rating should be appropriate to your circuit.
Suggested Mating Connectors and Prototype board

Sullins PPC101LFBN-RC
DK S7043-ND

Sullins PPTC101LFBN-RC
DK S7008-ND

Tyco 5-535541-8
DK A32922-ND

Tyco 5-534237-8
DK A32910-ND

3M 929974-01-36
DK 929974-01-36-ND

3M 929850-01-36-10 (Gold)
DK 929850-01-36-ND

Tyco 643642-1
DK A24816-ND

FCI Berg 68685-310LF
DK 609-3584-ND

FCI Berg 66951-010LF
DK 609-2240-ND


Twin Industries

TES 1402 (Above)
  • One year repair or replacement from date of purchase for materials and workmanship.  This applies only to units which have not been modified with user circuits.

1313 Technical Notes

1313 Application Note
PIC16F785-ICD to PIC18F252:  Connection of the F785 ICD enabled device allows emulation of the PIC16F610, 616, 631, 677 etc devices on the TES-1313 prototyping board. AC162060 ICD2 adapter module from digikey allows use with CCS ICD1 debuggers.

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