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PIC18F2520 Quick Project Box
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PIC18F2520 Quick Project Box - White $13.95

PIC18F2520 Quick Project Box - Black $13.95
5.5mm OD, 2.5mm ID power connector
CUI Inc PP3-002B, (Digikey CP3-1001-ND)

CP3-1001 $1.45

Description: (Schematic)

The PIC18F2520 Quick Project Box has everything you need for building simple control and data collection devices complete with plastic enclosure.

Hardware included in the basic box:

  • 5.5mm OD, 2.5mm ID power connector with 8-18VDC reverse polarity protected input, 5V@500mA output regulator:  Imax = 1 / (Vin - 6).
  • PIC18F2520 processor with I/O wired out to pads.  Programming is via a 6 pin dual row header using the standard Microchip ICD/ICSP pin out.
  • Standard 14 pin LCD interface connector wired out to pads for 4 bit transfer mode with a 10K pot for contrast adjustment.
  • RS232 serial interface wired via jumpers to the processor RC6 and RC7 pins.  The RS232 TXD and RXD signals are connected to the DB9-F connector and hand shaking signals are connected as loop backs: RTS+CTS, DTR+DSR.
  • DB9-M connector wired out to pads for user connections.
  • May be operated up to 32MHz +/-1% using the internal 8MHz R/C oscillator and x4 multiplier without the addition of any external parts:  Port pins RA6 and RA7 are GPIO in this configuration.
  • Two box end caps of the ordered color are supplied without cut-outs to allow removal of one or both connectors for the final user assembly.

Optional (User supplied) hardware:

  • High speed system Crystal/Capacitor connections to RA6/RA7:  Up to 10 MHz crystal when using the x4 multiplier for a 40MHz system clock or 20MHz crystal without the multiplier.  Typical component is the ECS ECS-100-18-4 or equivalent with two 33pF/0603 capacitors.
  • Low speed sleep Crystal/Capacitor connections to RC0/RC1:  32.768KHz is the standard.  Typical component is  the Epson MC-206 32.7680KA-A0 or equivalent with two 33pF/0603 capacitors.
  • TL431 adjustable shunt regulator circuit wired to RA3 for A/D reference voltage.

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