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1363 PSU in pixie clock

Pixie clock front

Hardwood enclosure?...

...Looks like the box
I shipped it in!

HVPS on perf board
SmartNixie Posable Clock


AM/FM  Radio
SmartNixie Applications

Line clock (Mode 9)

RTC clock (Mode 10)

Ripple counter (Mode 5)

RTC time retention test

Free run burn-in counter

Nixie-Numitron select

AM radio on a clock

6 digit IN12 clock

4 digit IN12 clock

6 digit IN12 clock

4 digit IN4 clock

6 digit IN4 clock

6 digit Thermometer - Test1
SmartNixie Bits and Pieces

Proto SmartNixie clock

IN4 fits on the IN12 module

IN17b counter (Mode 0)

SmartNixie Sudoku

40 IN17b boards

2000 IN17b boards

Production Transformers

11.5W into a 7W lamp: Short

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This page last updated on September 03, 2011