Microsoft Windows Programs

Band Pass Excel spread sheet:  Multiple feed back Band-Pass filter calculator
Terminal Basic Windows 3.1 terminal program (Easier to use than hyper terminal, only up to 19.2kbaud)

Microsoft Windows Drivers

COM Assignment Instruction (Windows XP example) to force a USB Com port to a different number
Digivue Camera
Driver Set #2
Elyssa USB webcam driver and untility program
FT245 XP driver for FTDI USB FIFO
FTDI VCP 2.08.02
FTDI VCP 2.08.14
FTDI Combined Virtual Com Port (VCP) and Direct-X drivers, Windows 2000-Windows 7
When you have Too many com ports: Cleanup / Uninstaller
PL2303 All in one driver for the Prolific PL2303H(X) USB to Serial converter, up to 500kbps
PPA3312 Instruction sheet for USB to serial converter
Socket IO Dual Hyper Threading computer driver fix for Socket IO dual serial ports

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