ICDS-3V PIC16 Unlocked
ICDS-20 PIC16 Unlocked
ICDS-3V PIC16 Locked
ICDS-3V PIC18 Locked
ICDS-20 PIC16 Locked
ICDS-20 PIC18 Locked
Firmware images (From CCS) and instructions to reflash the TES and CCS ICDS-3V and ICDS-20 when they eat their own code space and become unresponsive.   The unlocked images may be firmware upgraded afterwards via the CCS loader UI but may self write and become corrupted if hot plugged into the target.  The locked images must be installed via a second tool such as the PICKit but have the advantage of being very code-robust.
Reflash instructions / Then What?
3V Programming settings for ICD When using the ICDS-3V module for target voltages below 4.5vdc, these settings preclude the use of bulk erase which can make the target device appear dead.  If the bulk erase is used at low voltage and your part becomes unresponsive, bulk erase the PIC at 5V and then reprogram as shown at left from then on.  Note that once the fuse bits have been programmed, they may only be changed from 0 to 1 by bulk erasing the part.
ICD.EXE Stand alone driver installer for CCS ICDS/S20 (From v4.044)
An interim  firmware build to allow the original MPLAB driven ICD-1 to in circuit debug and program the A versions of the PIC16 processors.  This was not guaranteed, but it was better than nothing.  Note that ICD-1 was not supported after MPLAB went to version 6.
Update Instructions to update Rev-1 ICD-U40 hardware to Rev-5
Production Programming Programming PICs with the PIKKIT-2 is easy with just a few settings

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