PICC Source Code

Pinmap Memory assignment of pins for PICC, abstracts registers to single bit operations to get away from PICC extra-ANSI pin control constructs that are not supported in other compilers.  Furthermore, the PICC constructs don't differentiate between the Pins and Latches associated with a port. Notes here.
Convert Fast ASCII <> Binary conversion
LCD4Bit 4 bit LCD driver where all seven data and control bits can be on any I/O pin.  Requires Pinmap.h which is included in the zip file.
SCmd Serial command processor, interrupt level ASCII to binary conversion with no external dependencies.  The source code file contains code segments to cut and paste into calling source file for fast implementation, example code requires Convert.c which is included in the zip file.  Flow chart.

Hardware test code

012200.ZIP TES PIC proto box sample PICC program:  7Seg UP/DN counter
Example code showing 18F6620 code problem
Further testing, indicating problem is possibly in INDF0 use
Reduced to one Decf  Indf,f  instruction  See Plot of data
QuickPic Version 1
QuickPic Version 0
Demo program for the QuickPic using a PIC16F876.  19.2K RS232 with a menu, ADC and lamp control (Schematic)
Version 1 build is for the PIC16F877 processor which is compatible with the CCS Demo version of PCWH.  For demos built with the '877, the pin names are the same but the pin numbers need to be adjusted for the bigger package.

The port settings should be 19,200,n,8,1 no hand shaking.

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