Visual Basic

File Version Description
1433 1.00.02 4 axis stepper driver
Ant16 Print 1.00.00 Utility to print ANT16 CSV file to Adobe Acrobat PDF file.  I had such a hard time getting the print drivers to produce predictable results, either to PDF or to PS which I then converted to PDF, I just wrote my own.  This now allows selecting only the channels I want for printing and stacking multiple captures (Up to 16 channels) in the same CSV file for real side by side comparison. GUI / Example


1.00.46 Various calculators and utilities for electronics and mathematics.
Database / GUI / LC Filter / Capacitor / Resistor
PIC bootloader controller
I2C Controller 2.00.10 1315 I2C master user interface.
GUI / LM75 example script / Sample script / Test Slave
Current Logger   Utility code for 1367 automatic micro-amp current meter tool
PortList 1.00.00 Simple RS232 port lister, useful when identifying which USB port is plugged in.
Tab Stripper 1.00.00 Convert hard tabs to spaces in Asm/C etc files.  The latest version of this program, with enhancements, will be in the Calculators program collection.
Tango Apertures   Defines and assigns apertures for Tango PCB gerber preparation
TempChamber 1.00.00 Watlow MODBUS RS232 temp chamber controller
SHA1 Digester 1.00.00 Simple SHA1 message digester, Source (for digest function, not VB app), newer versions will be integrated into the form in the Calculators program.  Excel digester as VB function call
Video Crosshair 1.00.00 This takes a standard USB web cam and superimposes a set of cross hairs over the captured image.  I will be using this as an optical alignment tool for mechanical testing.  The magnification is accomplished by screwing the lens out as far as it will go.  These are pictures of my laptop screen (1280 x 800).   It was almost effortless with the VideoOCX ActiveX plug in from Marvelsoft.  My favorite camera for this, having tried several and not liking ANY of the other ones I tried, was the DigiVue EC-PC-CAM. Not only did my XP laptop like the driver, but the optics are good and have a wide adjustment range (Its a great little camera).  The angle scales below are 0.001" lines at 1/10 degree spacing for the specified diameter.

0.0026179" Z=8

0.0047595" Z=1

0.0047595" Z=8

0.001 Z=8

VB6 Project Cores

FT245 VB6 FIFO controller compressed to minimal function calls and minimal overhead (FT245 XP driver)
RS232_Core Source template for RS232 enabled VB programs
External Software
TX Line Nice little transmission line calculator

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