General Science


Headstrong Article about V.S. Ramachandrans work in neuroscience
Nervous System Power point showing the basic structures of the nervous system from Howard university college of medicine
Neuron 101 Quick and simplified description of neuron structure, function and action potential operation (Public domain)

Biology slides
Public domain illustrations from my class notes

Action Potential / JPG / PDF Graph of neuronal action potential versus time
Brain waves / JPG / PDF EEG example plots for the various types of brain waves
Brain stem / JPG / PDF Diagram of the major structures of the brain stem with limbic and other areas for reference
Cerebral cortex / JPG / PDF Diagram of the functional sections of the cerebral cortex from the side
Cerebral cortex / JPG / PDF Diagram of the functional sections of the cerebral cortex from the top
Gestalt laws / JPG / PDF Images that portray the basic gestalt laws (Except for the Law of Common Fate)
Limbic system / JPG / PDF Diagram of the limbic system and surrounding structures
Neuron / JPG / PDF Myelinated neuron diagram
Retinal Response / JPG / PDF Retinal response of the human eye versus light color


Ignition Temperatures Ignition temperatures for some common materials
PCB Etching Negative process PCB etching using KPR
Selenium Government report on selenium production
Solder cleaning Residue removal and implications from fluxes used in soldering processes


Paper 1 / Paper 2
Papers describing diamagnetic levitation using, among other materials Pyrolytic graphite


Die Grind and Dice Article on back grinding and stress relief in wafer fabrication, interesting application of water jet guided laser dicing
Ferrite Materials No two ferrites are the same, each is optimized for its particular application
Hardwood comparison Various woods sorted by name and hardness
Polyimide (Kapton) Dupont document on Vespel series of polyimide


Aluminum Welding Welding Design and Fabrication magazine article
Amorphous Metal Description of new amorphous metal technology
Copper tube Copper Tube Handbook Tables, Source here
Liquid Metal 1 Article on the emerging bulk Amorphous Metal technology
Liquid Metal 2 Another article on the emerging bulk Amorphous Metal technology
Powder Metallurgy Basics Simple description on how sintered parts, such a bronze bushings, are made
Resistance wire - Chromel Amps-vs-Temperature-vs-AWG to heat Chromel-A to various temperatures in air (-C conversion at bottom)
Resistance wire - Properties Properties of MWS resistance wire types (See trade name cross reference)
Resistance wire - Trade Names Cross reference to trade names for common resistance wire alloys
Solder - Defect free Kester article on avoiding defects when using lead free solder.
Solder - K100LD Case study by Kester on the use of K100LD lead free solder
Solder - Lead Free Reliability Kester article on builing in reliability when switching from lead to to lead free solder
Stainless Steel Primer This primer has been developed by the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) to help the novice or lay person understand some of the characteristics and uses of stainless steel.
Steel Temperature Temperature vs Color for steel


Absorption Refrigeration Using heat and ammonia for refrigeration
Aerodynamics 101 Short and to the point discussion of basic concepts in aerodynamics
Dielectrics AVX comparison of common ceramic capacitor dielectrics
Laser Diodes Specifications for laser diodes and pulls from DVD players
Lichtenberg Figures Stoneridge Engineering article on production of discharge figures in acrylic, buy them at Tesla Mania
Light Spectrum Wavelength vs Color from Infrared to Ultraviolet
Nernst Equation Math that describes how potential voltages of cells and things like oxygen sensors are produced
Oxygen Sensor 1 How they are built and used
Oxygen Sensor 2 Descriptions of the five types of oxygen sensors in general use
Oxygen Sensor 3 Detailed description of the Bosch wideband oxygen sensor
Planckian Locus Color temperature chart of an incandescent black body

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