Interfaces and Protocols

Computer and Software Command

DOS Commands Command prompt language reference, Win2K/XP etc (Good for hard core serial!)

GPIB / Printer Port

GPIB1 Articles on the implementation of the GPIB (HPIB) standard
GPIB2 Articles on the implementation of the GPIB (HPIB) standard
GPIB3 Articles on the implementation of the GPIB (HPIB) standard

GPS NMEA Messages

NMEA GPS Standard NMEA GPS message sentence structure

I2C / SBI / SMBus

I2C Common addresses Reserved adresses for the I2C protocol and addresses for common devices
I2C Interfacing Mitsubishi application  note AN2210:  M37515 Interfacing With EEPROMs Using I2C
I2C Interfacing Microchip application note AN515:  Communicating with the I2C Bus Using the PIC16C5X
I2C Level Shifting / Ap-Note Schematic for connecting devices with different supply voltages / Philips Ap-Note
I2C Overview Philips slide show for the I2C protocol, including comparisons with other protocols
I2C Manual User manual, application note AN10216
I2C Specification, v2.1 The actual specification
I2C Timing, Standard/Fast modes Start condition to first clock excerpt from the specification
I2C Timing example, LM75 Sensor Timing from the LM75 datasheet
SBI Qualcomms pseudo I2C serial interface to talk to modem devices, operates at about 10mbps
SMBUS 2.0 Official Spec

JTAG / ICD / Tools

ANT16 Connections to the 20 pin test connector on a Rocky Logic ANT16 logic analyzer
CC2430 ICSP Debug connections between TI CC Debugger debugger and a typical CC24xx Zigbee processor
Common Pinouts Amontec application note with many common JTAG and ICD pinouts
JTAG LEC-23:Scan Testing and JTAG - University of Waterloo
Mini-ICD Cable ICD pin connections, applies to Microchip PIC-Kit2 as well
MSPFET ICSP Debug connections between TI MSPFET debugger and a typical MSP430 processor


AT Keyboard The AT-PS/2 Keyboard Interface, Copyright 2001 Adam Chapweske
QWERTY Speed Study on text entry speed using mini, i.e. cell phone size, QWERTY keyboards
Mini QWERTY Study on QWERTY keyboards used on portable devices


MMC/SD Card pinout Pinouts shown for a Micro-SD adapter card
SDHC Sandisk description of High Capacity SD drives

Protocols and Data Formats

Intel Hex Breakdown of Intel hexadecimal memory image files for PROM programmers
WWVB Time Code 60KHz carrier US time standard for self adjusting clocks and time code modules

RS232 / RS422 / RS485

FTDI DB9-USB-F Modification instruction to bring VBUS out on pin 1 from FTDI USB-RS232 DB9
Mac Serial Mac RS422 to RS232 serial interface conversion
RS232 Wiring and logic for DB9 serial and PC to MAC serial cable
RS232 Discussion on flow control of asynchronous serial communication
RS232 Null Modem Ribbon connector wiring to make easy Null Modem, such as for a Hydra Data Logger
RS485 Technical data on RS485 interfaces

Telephone / Ethernet

Cat-5 101 History and details for ethernet cables and the like
Cat-5/6 wiring Standard color sequence
DTMF Good tutorial on DTMF signaling
Phone Wiring Color codes for phone cable and modular connectors
Phone Wiring General information on telephone wiring and devices
POE Connection for Power Over Ethernet modes A and B
RJ-xxx Glossary Phone connector glossary

USB / Fire-Wire

USB Chargers CEA-936A charger types identified with a combination of the ID and D+/D- pins
USB Pinouts USB connector pinouts for A, B, Mini-A, Mini-B, Micro-A and Micro-B jacks and plugs

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